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Smart Radio Communications

Requirement Analysis & Concept Design

In advance of the concrete network design and planning of a radio network it makes sense to spend some time to identify the related requirements and to define the goals that shall be achieved. Depending on the envisaged use case both the requirements and the goals can differ significantly from project to project.

We you to define your coverage, system and other requirements and to develop the complete concept, while taking into consideration your budget and initial situation.

Follow our concept and project schedule and get the project right from the very beginning!

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Critical Communication Network

Ultra reliable communication infrastructure in every area

A critical communication network serves as an essential communication facility to enable the fire brigade, ambulance or police to coordinate their operations. In many of those operations, lives are at risk so that the availability of the radio network is crucial.

Consequently, a critical communications network requires highest availability and reliability. The goal is to guarantee that communication is available even in difficult areas.

We help you to answer questions like:

  • Which technology and network structure should be implemented?
  • Is it possible and does it make sense to migrate from analogue to digital radio?
  • How can a redundancy concept look like?
  • How can the network be operated?

Industrial Network

Low latency and massive machine type communication

The goal of a radio network within a factory might look quite different. Typically, the network shall support the production process efficiently. Especially, automated processes require a reliable and performant network. Even though human health is not necessarily at risk in such a case, the company faces severe financial losses if the production lines fail.

We help you to answer questions like:

  • Which technology is suitable to support my process in terms of reliability, capacity, latency, etc.?
  • Can I use the existing Wi-Fi network to control my robots?
  • Which technology makes sense from a commercial point of view?

Office Network

Reliable networks with fast exchange of high amounts of data

In almost every office, a stable internet connection is essential for web conferencing and to foster collaboration between the different employees. During the Corona pandemic, the situation in this regard even intensified.

Company managers want to establish a working environment that is convenient and efficient for their employees. Radio networks like Wi-Fi or 5G support flexible work arrangements and connectivity from everywhere.

We help you to answer questions like:

  • Should I replace my current Wi-Fi network with a local 5G campus network?
  • What are the expected project costs?
  • Do I need to protect my employees from electromagnetic radiation?

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