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The spectrum is yours and we help you make the most of it

The future of the digital world goes hand in hand with efficient spectrum management, regulation and use

Spectrum Regulation

Frequency regulatory authorities in over 90 countries across all continents choose us for our cutting-edge spectrum economy solutions and services. You find all the solutions you need to support you in efficient spectrum management and use. This includes special applications for…

Public Safety

Mobile networks for security applications in particular have to be available indoor as well as outdoor.

Public Transportation / Railways

With our products and services we provide secure and reliable communication facilities to ensure secure operations of the trains. In addition, we help you provide your passengers with the best experience in your facilities.

Airports, Ports & Hubs

We design, plan, implement and monitor all kinds of radio frequency networks for the transportation sector including airports, ports and other transportation hubs like train stations. In this way, we ensure the safe and reliable operation of all your wireless services.

Industries / Oil & Gas

Our experts help you to ensure smooth, constant and reliable communication within your manufacturing environment.


Rely on our team of radio engineers, technology experts and business analysts who have long-term experience in planning all kinds of networks for the utilities’ industries.

Defense & Security

We bring secure, reliable, and efficient radio communications to security agencies and military organizations.

Smart Healthcare

The digitization and modernization of existing structures are increasingly becoming important in the field of medicine and healthcare.

Mobile Network Operators

We help our customers to have enough bandwidth at hand for all their applications. We support them in the determination of capacity, throughput rates and spectrum requirements as well as the selection of the most appropriate technology.


With technology evolution, digitization, and convergence of broadcast, fixed/wireless broadband and the Internet, new business models are emerging and bringing new challenges to spectrum policy.